Dads of Muskoka: Bracebridge, ON

18 Holes - Par 55 - 3940ft

This is some of the best forest disc golf you will find in Ontario. Beautifully maintianed holes with huge elevation, tight lines and some of the best landscapes that Muskoka has to offer. You won't want to miss this one.

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Newcastle Disc Golf: Newcastle, ON

18 Holes
(Reds): Par 62 - 4820ft
(Whites): Par 60 - 5370ft

This challenging course with mainly forested fasirways and a few open holes for some big rips. Situated on the Newcastle Golf Course, the course layout utilizies the big elevation of the area and water hazards for even more challenge.

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Abbey Gardens Disc Golf Trail: Algonquin Highlands

(Oranges): Par 61 - 4,585ft
(Whites): Par 61 - 5,746ft

Abbey Gardens utilizes the open spaces of an old quarry and the tight lines of a dense forest to bring a wonderful course to life. This course feels like it has been in that forest for a long time. Don't miss it.

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Dentonia Park Disc Golf Course: Toronto, ON

9 Holes - Par 2 - 2,516ft

Located steps from Victoria Park subway station in Toronto, ON sits this 9-hole seasonal disc golf course. Making excellent use of the elevation changes and guardian trees, Dentiona can be fiun round for every skill level.

A real treat in the heart of the city.

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Algonquin Disc Golf: South River, ON

18 Holes - Par 5 - 5,315ft

18 pictureqesque holes located acrsoss from Algonquin Provincial Park, in South River, ON.

This course will test you with tight lines, big drives and thick foreste lined fairways.

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Baker Park: Calgary, AB

18 Holes - Par5 - 5,073ft

Located in a municipal park, this course offers a great mix of technical holes and open fairways. 🌳🌲🥏

With two par 4s, Baker Park is sure to be a great round for all skill levels. The beauty of the surroundings only adds to the joy of the round. ☀️☁️🖼

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White Spruce Park : Brampton, ON

(Reds) 20 Holes - Par 6 - 4,702ft
(Whites) 20 Holes - Par 6 - 5,713ft
(Blues) 20 Holes - Par 6 - 6,488ft

🌲🌲🌲Of the 20 holes, 14 are nestled within the forest, surrounded by beautiful white spruces.

This course truly has something for all skill levels and only 25 mins from Toronto, it is a great compliment to the many fantastic courses in the GTA. You do not want to miss it. 🚙 💨

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Bronte Creek Provincial Park DGC: Oakville, ON

(Shorts) 18 Holes · Par 54 · 4,171ft
(Longs) 18 Holes · Par 57 · 5,397ft

Located in Bronte Provincial Park, a very techincal course with several layouts and baskets for lots of variety.

Definitely a must play if you are in the area. As it is located in a provincial park there is a vehicle entry fee of $18. Walk or ride-ins are FREE. 🌲🌳🚙💨

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Beaches Disc Golf Course: Toronto, ON

9 Holes · Par 27 · 1,755ft

☀️Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario sits 9 potential ace runs for your average player. It’s also the perfect place for a first time player, short holes and a minimal chance to lose a disc makes for a great introductory course. 🥏

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Prickly Pines Disc Golf Course: Elizabeth, Colorado

18 Holes · Par 54 · 5,178ft

🏔The Denver area has a lot of amazing courses, Prickly is one that you remember. 🙌🏆

🌲🌲🌲Elegantly laid out teepads, beautifully upkept fairways lead to multiple pin locations on all holes. 🥏⛓

🏔⛰🏔Elevation is in play on every hole, playing along the ridge that leads into the valley that is the town of Elizabeth, the views are impeccable.🌄

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E.T. Seton Disc Golf Course: Toronto, ON

18 Holes · Par 54 · 5,435ft

Located in E.T. Seton park in Toronto, ON is this fantastic 18 hole course layout.

A good mix of tight lines, open fairways and scenic surroundings in the heart of the city.

If you are in Toronto, this is one you'll want to play.

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Christie Lake Disc Golf Course: Dundas, ON

(Shorts) 18 Holes · Par 57 · 4,327ft
(Longs) 18 Holes · Par 61 · 5,978ft

📆 Installed in 2008, the Christie Lake Disc Golf Course in Dundas, Ontario has become one of the most popular courses in the province. 🍁

Christie Lake hosts a number of tournaments each year including The Spring Fling, The Summer Sizzler and often an Ice Bowl, which supports local food banks.

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Lyndebrook Disc Golf Course: Whitby, ON

18 Holes · Par 61 · 6,911ft

⛓Installed in 2021, the Lyndebrook Disc Golf Course in Whitby, Ontario has become one of the go to courses in Durham Region.🥏

🌲🌳🌲This course offers wide open spaces, wooded holes, elevation and water hazards.💧🏔

❄️❄️If you are lucky enough to catch a round here after a fresh snow, you are in for a treat, this place has beauty in spades! Lyndebrook even maintains wood and propane fireplaces available to use upon request.🔥🪵

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Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Course: Toronto, ON

18 Holes · Par 59 · 8,902ft

⭐️Established in 2020 by@chainlinkdiscgolf, this course is where discs come to fly! Stretch that throwing arm, because you are going to need the distance to finish this course anywhere near par! Coming in at 8902ft, it’s a long one. 💪

🏆Scarlett Woods is an 18-hole, Seasonal Championship level course, nestled within the Scarlett Woods Golf Course.🏌️‍♀️

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Paris-Green Lane Sports Complex: Brant, ON

(Shorts) 18 Holes · Par 54 · 4,470ft
(Longs) 18 Holes · Par 57 · 5,900ft

🏆18 beautiful holes with 3 different tee pad locations to ensure ALL skill levels are adequately challenged here at Green Lane. 🥏

⛓With a nice variety between baskets and a good mix of tree lined fairways and open bomber throws, Green Lane really provides you with a bit of everything.🌲🌳🌲

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Highlands Nordic Disc Golf Course: Duntroon, ON

20 Holes · Par 61 · 5,587ft

If you find yourself around Nottawasaga Bay, ON, this is one you will not want to miss!👈🏽

Quoted from - “Highlands is excited to introduce disc golf as a fun summer activity☀️🕶. Our course has been designed to challenge experienced players and for novice players to have fun. Come check out this unique course with scenic views along the Niagara Escarpment.” ALSO - dogs allowed, cart friendly, restrooms and drinking water available🐕🚾💦

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Raptors Knoll: Langley Township, BC

(Reds) 18 Holes · Par 64 · 5,451ft
(Blues) 18 Holes · Par 64 . 6,925ft
(Golds) 18 Holes · Par 64 · 7,966ft

Rated as the #13 best disc golf course in the world in 2022 by UDisc, combined with the endless praise in the UDisc comments- it is abundantly clear that this is easily one of the most magically courses in the country!

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Funabashi City Sports Park: Funabashi, Japan

Our course of the week is: Funabashi City Sports Park in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan.🇯🇵🎌

⚡️This beautiful Course of the Week was brought to our attention by someone that we consider a friend, @takeshi_shimakage ,who also took all of the photos! Funabashi City Sports Park is Takeshi’s home course, where this promising Japanese up and comer practices the game of disc golf.🥏🥏🥏

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Viamede Disc Golf Course: Harcourt, ON

18 Holes · Par 61 · 5,454ft

🌲🌳🌲This time, the#wolfkatcourseoftheweekis an 18 in the woods in The Kawarthas. The course is found on the beautiful Viamede Resort and was installed in 2014. It was both developed and maintained by the Peterborough Disc Golf Club. Three cheers for all of the disc golf Builders out there!👷‍♀️

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Screaming Heads Disc Golf Course: Burk's Falls, ON

Quoted, “Midlothian Castle, locally known as the "Screaming Heads" is something wholly hard to describe, magical and mystical with a bit of creepy and scary mixed in. The art installations that scatter the 310 acre property are the creations of Peter Camani. The massive creations vary from large semi submerged "screaming heads" to animals, and even crashed spaceships! You'll also be serenaded by the local population of Peacocks that roam nearer the castle, adding an eerie ambience to the experience.”

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Sandy Hollow Disc Golf Club: Barrie, ON

(Shorts) 20 Holes · Par 60 · 3,916ft
(Longs) 20 Holes · Par 61 · 5,279ft

🌲🌳According to UDisc, Sandy Hollow is, “A course that consists of 20 holes with a challenging mix of open field shots (front 9), and tight wooded shots (back 11) that will challenge all parts of your game for every type of disc golfer.”🔥🔥🔥

You won't want to miss this one with a very active club!

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