✨Our course of the week is: Sandy Hollow Disc Golf Course in Barrie, ON, Canada✨

🌲🌳According to UDisc, Sandy Hollow is, “A course that consists of 20 holes with a challenging mix of open field shots (front 9), and tight wooded shots (back 11) that will challenge all parts of your game for every type of disc golfer.”🔥🔥🔥

After heading up to Barrie recently to stop in at @toplinkdg it became obvious very quickly that the UDisc summary was accurate. 👍🏿

😊What UDisc doesn’t mention though is that Sandy Hollow is very well maintained, has great signage and directional arrows, garbage/recycle bins throughout the course and kindness a plenty! 👍🏿

😊The best part of this course seem to be the wonderful community that such a beautiful place can foster. Go Barrie, Go!!

🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️Have you played this course before?
Have you ever played at any courses in Ontario?🍁🇨🇦

🌎🌍🌏Can you think of any other courses anywhere in the world that we should feature on #wolfkatcourseoftheweek?

Let us know! We love to collaborate with new disc golf friends all over the world.🤗

Bring some discs with you when you hit the road!🚗🚙🚃


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