🔥Our course of the week is: Raptors Knoll at Jackman Wetlands Park, Langley Township, BC, Canada🔥

🪄Rated as the #13 best disc golf course in the world in 2022 by UDisc, combined with the endless praise in the UDisc comments- it is abundantly clear that this is easily one of the most magically courses in the country!

With concrete tee pads, Discatcher Pro targets, dog and cart friendly, washroom available, public walking trails, a scenic mountain view, large mature trees and tender, love and care for the course- this is one worth packing an overnight bag and taking a road trip for.🦮

WolfKat road trip?! We might just need to.🛣🚐🥏

This course was built by volunteers over the course of about a year and the land lease is operated by a non-profit. Volunteers regularly hold ‘work parties’ where maintenance and upkeep are tended to. This place isn’t just a disc golf course- it is a labour of love with a thriving community!❤️😍🥰

Not impressed yet? Raptors Knoll also hosts the BC Open 2022, July 22 - 24!🏆🥏

Course designed by Stewart McIsack and Chris Hartmann @INdesigndiscgolf

For more information, head to www.rkdiscgolfpark.com


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