✨Our course of the week is: Prickly Pines Disc Golf Course in Elizabeth, Colorado 🇺🇸

🏔The Denver area has a lot of amazing courses, Prickly is one that you remember. 🙌🏆

🌲🌲🌲Elegantly laid out teepads, beautifully upkept fairways lead to multiple pin locations on all holes. 🥏⛓
1️⃣Hole one is a beautiful use of the elevation, appearing as a huge downhill shot, the player actually throws into a hill, the course shows its deceptive nature early like foreshadowing. Looking off the tee on hole two shows a tight double mando that quickly destroys any idea of the woods being as open as hole one presents.
🏔⛰🏔Elevation is in play on every hole, playing along the ridge that leads into the valley that is the town of Elizabeth, the views are impeccable.🌄

✨This course does everything right.✨

🎖Amenities - There is a lost disc box and picnic tables and trash cans on hole one. 🗑
There are bathrooms. 🚽
Course highlights
Hole 1 and 11 are throwing from elevation.
Multiple signature holes
Hanging basket on 10

🏆This truly is one you do not want to miss if you find yourself in the area.🌲🌲🌲🥏⛓

🙏🙏🙏Many thanks to Eric & Kyle from @ohnodiscgolf for the recommendation, pictures and description of Prickly Pines, as well as being our first collab #wolfkatcourseoftheweek

Be sure to give them a follow and check out the podcast if y out haven’t already.🎧

We appreciate it!

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