Our course of the week is:
Beaches Disc Golf Course in Toronto, ON 🇨🇦

☀️Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario sits 9 potential ace runs for your average player. It’s also the perfect place for a first time player, short holes and a minimal chance to lose a disc makes for a great introductory course. 🥏

🏖The @beachesdiscgolfcourse is made up of two 9-hole layouts: The North Course (The original) and the South Course (on the beach). Both are found in the mixed use public park, Ashbridges Bay.⛵️

This course will make your hair stand on edge as you hold your breath and think- it’s going, it’s going, it’s going! ➰ ➰ ➰ 🥏 ⛓

🚗🚙There is ample parking, great signage and directional arrows. You will not be disappointed if you make the trip to the Beaches.

🙏Special thanks to @jeff_mackeigan, @carahovius and @chainlinkdiscgolf for all they do for the disc golf community in Toronto and Ontario at large. 🙌


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