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Prodigy : Isaac Robinson Archive (500 Plastic)

Prodigy : Isaac Robinson Archive (500 Plastic)

WolfKat Discs

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Forged from the fire of champions and entrusted with the power to shape the very fabric of flight, the Archive midrange is the next chapter in the Prodigy Collabs Series, and the first disc made with input from Major champion Isaac Robinson.

Isaac is known for his ability to carve a path with his disc through tangled forests and daunting fairways. He wanted a beadless midrange that was able to soar effortlessly through the sky with enhanced glide, and a touch of overstability to give it unwavering accuracy and a steadfast resistance to swirling winds. 

Weight : 176-178g

Speed: 5  Glide: 5  Turn: 0  Fade: 2

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