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MVP : Elaine King Photon (Fission Plastic)

MVP : Elaine King Photon (Fission Plastic)

WolfKat Discs

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The Photon is best described as a longer Tesla, with power throwers able to achieve some flight-extending turn, and all throwers getting a reliable fade. The Photon is naturally headwind resistant but average power throwers can use a headwind to emulate those extended flights of high power throwers.

Fission Microbubble Technology produces an ultralight core with evenly distributed and imperceptible weight-reduction microbubbles. The ultralight core allows an even higher GYRO® overmold density relative to the core, yet still remaining in the lighter weight classes — 145g to 175g in the Photon.

Weight : 174g

Speed: 11  Glide: 5  Turn: -1  Fade: 2

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