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Dynamic Discs : Prototype Fugitive (Supreme Plastic)

Dynamic Discs : Prototype Fugitive (Supreme Plastic)

WolfKat Discs

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Disc golfers, get ready to add a classic midrange disc to your bag! The Fugitive, one of the original molds from Dynamic Discs, is making a comeback in Supreme Plastic. The Fugitive was retired, but it's now back with some significant changes to the mold design and flight characteristics. The Supreme Fugitive has a flight rating of 5 | 3 | 0 | 4. This means that it has a straight flight path, a moderate level of glide, no turn, and a reliable fade at the end of its flight.

Weight : 175-177g

Speed: 5  Glide: 3  Turn: 0  Fade: 4

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