GTA Disc Golf's Yearly Reverse Hibernation

 After another incredible winter season, it has been a couple of months since disc golf in the Greater Toronto Area has made its yearly transformation- kind of like a reverse hibernation.  Instead of searching for discs in the snow- it’s time for warmer and hopefully dryer states of mind- if your local course is staying open, that is.

Here are our faithful fields, hills, chains, waterways, baskets, and trees that are tucking away for the warming months, awaiting our return come the snowy season.


Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Course
UDisc Rating: 4.5
Toronto, ON

One of the reverse hibernation courses which only opens up when the cold weather comes around has headed back to its den.  Scarlett is closed for the season folks.

The good people at ChainLink who developed the course added extra value to the ball golf converted course, as short tees were unveiled this year.  The course now boasts the long beauty holes, with the option to take it easy on your arm from the shorter tees.

The chains of Scarlett will clang again once the cold comes back.




Dentonia Park Disc Golf Course
Rating on UDisc : 4.5
Toronto, ON

Same story, different side of the city- Dentonia Disc Golf is heading for hibernation.  The next time you find yourself at the Victoria Park Subway Station, make sure you bring your clubs, not your discs, because ball golf is back on the East Side.  For the next 5 months or so, the sounds of tin cups will be much more common than chains.

The location of Dentonia, curled up right next to the subway station, means that it is inclusive for all Torontonians and beyond.  This location boasts the opportunity for people from all corners of the GTA to experience ball and disc golf.  It is a true treasure and is currently one of the most accessible courses that the GTA has to offer.  This course will be back around November.

Lyndebrook Disc Golf Course
Rating on UDisc : 4.6
Whitby, ON

Lyndebrook is another course that only operates in the winter months.  As it sits on a technical and beloved ball golf course and only runs disc in the winter, perhaps you haven’t given yourself too many chances to get a round in here.

That’s a real shame, because as we dug around, we were informed by the staff at Lyndebrook that disc golf is not confirmed to reopen next winter.  We were told that ‘if’ the course reopens to disc golf, it will be around November.  Seemingly, less players have been out at the course this past winter, making it difficult to gauge the viability of the course going forward.




So where are you playing instead? Is your home course closed for the warmer months?

In this series, we will focus on courses that are ready to go for disc golfers in the Greater Toronto Area in 2024.  We don’t want to forget about the three above-mentioned courses that are unplayable for the next number of months- but we do need to keep the game going!

Join us, as we dive into all that GTA Disc Golf has to offer.

First up, The Trail Hub Disc Golf Course… Next time…


Want to stay up to date on local developments relating to disc golf in Ontario? Send us an email if you have any news about any of the above mentioned courses or about any other courses that we should feature in the series.  We will keep you all updated with a mailing list of new course info around the GTA with promotions and specials to keep you in the grass and in the woods with your bag of discs. Disc on!


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