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Discraft : ESP Heat Special Edition (Paul McBeth 6Claw)

Discraft : ESP Heat Special Edition (Paul McBeth 6Claw)

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To commemorate Paul McBeth's 6th World Championship title in 2022, Discraft has created the 6Claw series.  These special edition discs will only be printed once, so get them while they're hot!

Your pals are throwing 12 Speed discs and you want some of that distance, right?

The Heat is the 9 Speed that new and newish players are able to control for distance on a slower arm speed. Just take a whif of that Glide- that's a heavy Glide! 

The Heat is a smaller rimmed driver that offers deceiving distance as well as bragging rights, when your drives are consistently both controlled and far.

Speed: 9  Glide: 6  Turn: -3  Fade: 1

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